Research Design: the whereabouts

Just like doing any other things perfectly in the world, writing a proper dissertation as well calls for a series of processes. Devoid of following these processes, any research design can never be a complete or a perfect one. Depending on these processes, research gap identification, formation of variables, collection of data, and methodological analysis are built up. Hence, to carry out a complete and flawless research design, these processes are needed to be followed. In the subsequent section, those processes will be discussed, in accordance with their sequential appearance in any research design.

  • Ontology: Any research process starts with ontology. In Sanskrit, ‘Ant’ means the end. In other words, it signifies the beginning of other. It is generated out of any observation in the nature. It poses a question in the mind of the researcher. Based on the question, the research area emerges out. Fundamentally speaking, it is the heart of the research design.
  • Epistemology: Once the observation is done and the question is formed at abstract level, it is needed to narrow down the scope of the question. In order to narrow down the scope, the researcher should try to make the same observation in different contexts. The contextual nature will trim down the scope of the question, as the observational result will not be same in all the cases.
  • Hypothesis: Once the scope of the research question has been narrowed down, it is needed to give the question a form, which is based on raw statements. These statements are called the hypotheses of the study. These will decide the operational nature of the study.
  • Constructs: Once the hypotheses are formed based on the epistemology, it is needed to operationalize the hypotheses, so that it can take a measurable form. The hypothesis is further broken into small parts, which are the basic building blocks of the hypothesis. They are called the constructs.
  • Variables: Once the constructs are formed, they are translated into those factors, which are measurable at physical level. They are called the variables. These variables will decide the approach towards methodological analysis.

A proper research design provides an initial impact in the minds of the reader about the rigor of the thesis. Hence, it is to be handled professionally. Across India, there are several organizations, which provide dissertation writing and consultancy services. If you are facing troubles in the research design of your dissertation and looking for a steady solution, you can go through the pages of

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